2024 Annual Report: Cycle Kirklees Pushes Forward Despite Challenges

Despite another year marked by substantial challenges in the development of cycling infrastructure, the team at Cycle Kirklees remains steadfast in our commitment to enhancing cycling conditions in our region. Our 2024 Annual Report highlights both the setbacks we’ve faced and the strides we’ve made, as we continue to advocate for a greener, more cycle-friendly Kirklees.

This past year, Kirklees Council did not complete any new cycle infrastructure projects, and the extended closures of several key greenways have further limited safe cycling routes. However, our relentless campaigning, including a rally at Longroyd Bridge, has kept the spotlight on the urgent need for accessible and safe cycling paths. Coverage from local media following these events has been instrumental in raising public awareness and support.

Our collaborations have grown stronger, notably with Network Rail and the Canal River Trust, with whom we’ve worked closely to discuss and plan improvements that support cyclists around major transport hubs and along scenic towpaths. These partnerships are crucial as they help bridge the gap between community needs and infrastructure developments.

The consultation processes this year have seen mixed results. While we’ve engaged actively with Kirklees officers and contributed to planning discussions, the overarching prioritisation of car parking over cycle tracks in certain projects remains a concern. It underscores the ongoing struggle to shift local infrastructure planning towards more sustainable and community-focused alternatives.

As we look forward, Cycle Kirklees is determined to keep up the momentum. Our Executive Committee continues to meet regularly, adapting to online formats when necessary, to ensure that our operations remain dynamic and responsive to the cycling community’s needs.

We invite you to read the full 2024 Annual Report here to get a detailed view of our campaigns, the challenges we face, and the opportunities ahead. Together, we can make Kirklees a beacon for cycling-friendly communities. We appreciate your continued support and engagement.

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