A Strategy for Kirklees Greenways

Kirklees Greenways provide much loved traffic free routes linking Huddersfield with Mirfield, Dewsbury, Heckmondwike, Cleckheaton, south Bradford and Ossett. Many are part of National Cycle Routes and Sustrans act as custodians of former railway lines, bridges and viaducts (www.sustrans.org.uk) although the Bradley-Birkby Greenway is the responsibility of Kirklees Highways. There are also parts of the canal network where Canal & River Trust has received funding to upgrade the towpath for walking and cycling.  Although these newly improved routes fall below current minimum standards for shared space set by government agency Active Travel England, we recognise they are a real benefit to the communities they serve.

Cycle Kirklees has three main concerns in its campaigning on traffic free routes.   

a)    There is poor connectivity between routes in Huddersfield, Mirfield and Dewsbury. Cycling routes through and into town centres need to be improved. There are plans in Dewsbury for better links to the Calder Valley and Ossett greenways. Plans for improved links in Huddersfield have been stalled but we are campaigning for a strategy for the town centre.

b)    We want to see a coordinated approach to maintaining existing routes and engaging with community groups and employers to mobilise volunteers. We think such a volunteer programme to protect the natural environment and maintain precious green spaces needs resourcing, as does a programme to support litter collections.

c)    We have over several years argued for a strategic plan for extending the existing greenways network. High on our list of priorities are: 

Completing the Meltham Greenway to Netherton and extending it to Lockwood junction with a link through Lockwood Spa woods to Huddersfield centre

Extending the Spen Ringway through the Heckmondwike Deep Cutting to the Spen Valley Greenway

Rescuing the proposed Fenay Greenway from its neglect by Kirklees Council, resulting in a lack of requirements from housing developers to support this vital link. We believe it could offer an important alternative to car travel in a flat area linking Highburton and Kirkburton to the proposed A629 Wakefield Road improvements between Shorehead and Waterloo (currently paused). 

Create a link from Deighton to Dalton, which is currently being investigated by council officers