About Cycle Kirklees

Cycle Kirklees promotes everyday cycling. We campaign for ‘easier to navigate’ roads and safer routes for cyclists. This, together with cycle training, will encourage more people in Kirklees to use a bike – for travelling to work, school or college, for going shopping, or for leisure, well-being and keeping fit and healthy.
We monitor and comment on local and regional transport strategies and specific road and off-road plans – particularly those aimed at improving cycling and walking.
We also campaign for a higher priority for walking and cycling. We believe that safer, easily accessible cycling facilities will make it possible for more people – especially children and young people – to take up the cycling habit. See Get Involved below for more details

Kirklees Cycle Campaign is a membership organisation with (currently) no membership charges. Joining is easy – if you agree to support our objectives (see Constitution) you can be a member and support our work on behalf of people in Kirklees who cycle (or would like to) for commuting or shopping or for leisure.
You also have the option to sign up for our e-mail newsletter. Future events will be advertised in our newsletter.
We are planning a conference, with workshops on Greenways in collaboration with EPIKs (Environment Kirklees) and Huddersfield Civic Society.

KCC Committee
Chair: Chas Ball, Secretary: Bill Hunter
Planning & Design Issues: John Lewis, Chris Knight, Bill Hunter
Communications & Social Media: Chas Ball, Chris Knight, Joanne Waddington
Our next AGM will be in May 2022.

Chas Ball and Chris Knight in Dewsbury town centre with town board members, Bruce Bird