Cycle Kirklees Newsletter 50

Welcome to the return of the Kirklees Cycling Campaign Newsletter. This is a short newsletter timed to alert you to two Zoom events we have planned for tomorrow (18th) and 24th November (see below)
Since spring we have been busy – but you would only know that through our Twitter output @CycleKirklees. The good news is that we have nearly completed a communications upgrade and from now on will be in touch more regularly.
Over the next week we will unveil our new website and send you a notification. The upgraded site will contain details of a lot of the work that has been going on to promote everyday cycling in Kirklees – particularly our submissions to City Connect (WYCA) and Kirklees Council on about 10 proposed cycling schemes. It will also have an archive of the work of KCC over the past three years. 
Proposed Quiet Routes through north Huddersfield: online meeting (Zoom)
We are inviting you to join KCC Committee members to discuss our response to the two proposed Walking and Cycling routes connecting the town centre to Ainley Top.
Apologies for the short notice. 
One is via Birkby – Grimescar Valley and the other is through Marsh – Lindley – Birchencliffe. The deadline for submissions is 24th November.
We have invited Leah Stuart from Civic Engineers to join us. Leah lives locally and has presented a detailed critique to the full Kirklees Council of the controversial A629 Halifax Road Phase 5 “improvement” proposals. Use the link to register. 
Consultation Link WYCA Your Voice

KCC Committee in Action
Our new website will update you about the work we have been doing this year. This includes responding to lots of consultations, to the Network Rail plans for Huddersfield station (and appearing at the current Public Inquiry to press for access via the NW side of the tracks) and promoting everyday cycling.
We will also share some new ideas for @CycleKirklees activities in the spring and summer of 2022. Please expect the next (December) Newsletter in late November  
KCC Committee is chair, Chas Ball; committee – John Lewis, Chris Knight, Bill Hunter, Joanne Waddington.
Our picture shows committee members Chas Ball and Chris Knight, joined by Bruce Bird (Dewsbury Town Board) out on tour of Dewsbury town centre proposals.   Date for your diary: Wednesday 24th November
Join our Zoom meeting on the A629 Wakefield Road Walking & Cycling plans. Consultation closes on 30th November. 
Sign Up for Zoom on Wakefield Road Plans
Consultation Link WYCA Your Voice