Cycle Kirklees response to consultation on Station to Stadium Enterprise Corridor

Cycle Kirklees have submitted a response to the consultation on Station to Stadium Enterprise Corridor. We express support for the proposed Station to Stadium Enterprise Corridor as part of the Huddersfield Blueprint. We emphasise the importance of prioritising active travel, improving existing walking and cycling routes, and promoting access to facilitate a shift towards multi-modal transportation. Cycle Kirklees advocate for enhancements to first and last-mile connectivity, emphasising the need for the Station to Stadium Corridor to integrate with other pedestrian and cycling routes, including improvements to the Huddersfield Broad Canal towpath.

While endorsing the pedestrianisation initiative, Cycle Kirklees are concerned about the lack of consideration for onward connections and suggest addressing issues such as secure cycling parking. We underscore the urgency of responding to climate change, calling for measures to reduce carbon emissions and enhance air quality. We propose implemention of a 20mph speed limit for the entire town centre within the ring road and other busy roads. Effective parking strategies and prioritising bus routes are essential for offering a compelling and viable alternative to private motoring.

Read our full response to the consultation here.