Cycle Kirklees supports Batley Blueprint

Cycle Kirklees supported proposed changes in the recent consultations about the future of Batley Town centre. The town centre is a busy shopping area with cafes, takeaways and links to Tesco supermarket. At times traffic creates unpleasant air quality and antisocial parking often takes up space on the footways.

Cycle Kirklees is in favour of most of the changes included in the Blueprint. Reallocation of space to prioritise active modes of travel has proven benefits to the local economy, increasing both the amount of time and money spent in town centres that facilitate walking and cycling.

Phase one shows limited changes to the streetscape with 2-way through traffic remaining in the town centre and shadows of the old parking bays in the planting.

As all parking is to be removed, we see little sense in still allowing private vehicles to drive through the main high street in Batley. Instead, we would support the introduction of bus gates installed at Wards Hill and Market Square. 

We particularly approve of phase two of Commercial Street, which removes all motor traffic and replaces it with a welcoming and attractive space for people to shop and stay – and introduces play facilities.

In summary, the Batley Blueprint would increase the amount of time people spend there, whilst reducing the negative impacts of motor vehicles. Our full submission to the consultation is here.