Dewsbury Town Centre Walking & Cycling Plans

Cycle Kirklees submission on Dewsbury town centre supports many of the improvements proposed within the town centre, which we have since discussed with officers.
We said in opposition to plans to add a cycle route to one side of the Ring Road: “If cyclist wish to pass through the town, it will be important to make crossing the ring road as easy and safe as possible, not to add cyclists to the flow of traffic, thus adding to their exposure to risk, noise and pollution”.
In our detailed submission on the proposed Dewsbury Town Centre Walking & Cycling Plans, funded by Transforming Cities Fund, we expressed reservations about plans to use the Ring Road for east-west journeys and we requested improved links to and from the railway station.
To improve east-west routes in the south we argued for improvements to the route from the Calder Valley Greenway along the riverbank. We would like to see a continuous route to the start of the Ossett Greenway. We also proposed alternatives plans for Longcauseway and the area near the Sports Centre.
As the plans published for the Town Park show an LTN 1/20 route exiting the town park through the Library underpass onto Railway Street we beleive it would seem logical to connect to the underpass. But where do the cyclists come from in the south of Dewsbury to use this route? The connection to Ossett/Wakefield to the east is evident.
We believe all traffic entering the town centre inside the Ring Road should be subject to a 20 mph speed limit.

The full submission is here.