Kirklees Active Travel Partnership – time for action?

CycleKirklees has been asked to suggest items for the agenda for the third meeting of the recently established Kirklees Active Travel Partnership on 19th May. We have identified 8 points we feel need proper attention. KCC committee has prioritise #1 – but if you have views, please let us know.

Previously we proposed that resources are needed to establish a regular Kirklees Cycling Forum that can improve communications and feed into the work of WYCA City Connect and Kirklees Council. This happens in other West Yorkshire authorities. CycleKirklees is awaiting a response….

Proposed Agenda Items


  1. When will we have sight of a high-level cycling route strategy?

What steps are being taken towards sharing a network plan?

We would like to see draft plan for both expanding and upgrading traffic free routes and planned improvements to highway routes was promised in 2019 by officers. We would also like an overview on the progress of LCWIP2.

We (Kirklees Cycling Campaign) have produced a “Cycling Route Map” for Huddersfield as an example.

  • Who leads on active travel in Kirklees Council? What are the different roles in progressing the active travel agenda within Kirklees Council and at WYCA? We feel there is sometimes a lack of clarity with Public Health, Highways, Transport Policy and Environment (Climate) staff all having a role.

Route upgrades

  • What is the timetable of the planned cycling route improvements?

We are awaiting details of several second consultations or a timetable of work on implementation.

We are aware of some delays that have occurred (e.g. Bradley Brighouse route improvements).

  • Community engagement strategies and active travel – A629 Phase 4 (Halifax Road)

We propose a review of the handing of this work. There has been an absence of community engagement from 2018 onwards, despite the “quiet ways” or “active travel” routes including areas we now know include communities that lobbied for traffic calming, or where ward councillors have advocated the adoption of “school streets” etc.

  • Progress on expanding and improving Greenways network.

We are also concerned at the continued lack of recognition of the importance of the Fenay Greenway given the level of past investment on consultants.

Cycle route access and design issues

  • Access and design issues – KCC has raised concerns about barriers on designated cycling routes that are inaccessible for adapted bikes, cargo bikes and non-standard bikes. We also want to focus on the suitability of designs used on designated cycle routes given the need to meet LT1/20 standards  

Behaviour change

  • Planning for a Kirklees Cycling Hub – we are in the dark about City Connect’s criteria for funding a Kirklees cycling hub to strengthen the work of the voluntary sector in delivering cycling training and projects to encourage employers, communities, children and schools.
  • E-cargo bikes – we would like to discuss what steps are being taken to raise interest in business and community applications for e-cargo bikes. Can we have an update from WYCA about a funding programme announced in outline in 2021?