Welcome for much of revised Mirfield – Dewsbury – Leeds Cycling Improvements

The M2D2L consultation shows significant improvements over many of the features from the earlier consultation, including additional length of cycle lanes; making mandatory cycle lanes 24 hours; and the inclusion of light protection. We favour full separation of cycle routes, but budget restraints will mean this is a future aspiration

In the meantime, we propose the use of vertical protection (wands) where possible, particularly at pinch points such as pedestrian crossing islands, where the risk of ‘close passes’ is exacerbated.

Our submission makes detailed comments about the planned cycle routes at Station Road (junction design); the Church Lane entry to the Calder Valley Greenway; the loss of the Parkfield Crescent one-way system; the priorities on the Ravensthorpe Gyratory; the allocation of more road space on Scout Hill to improve access to the Spen Valley Greenway; and finally some aspects of the design at Shaw Cross junction.

The full submission is here