Proposed improvements to the A641 Huddersfield – Brighouse – Wyke (Bradford) have been welcomed by Cycle Kirklees.

This scheme brings lots of benefits to Brighouse, with significant use of separated 2-way cycle tracks creating the start of a cohesive network including a parallel new greenway (parallel to and in a main road corridor) and CYCLOPS junctions.

South of the M62 there is a lack of any similar “large-scale improvements to on-road cycling
facilities. Instead, the proposals show surface improvements to the current greenway and
connections, with some minor improvements to road crossing points”.

The campaign, which provides a detailed critique of the proposals, says they “do little to link
residential areas along the A641 corridor like Fixby with Huddersfield town centre. ASDA
Huddersfield, a large generator of short trips, is left completely disconnected from the
active travel network.”

Whilst commending a lot of the proposals that aim to improve the Birkby Bradley Greenway,
the campaign says “they are not an A641 alternative. We believe they should be seen as a
separate project.”

There is a fundamental problem ,says the campaign in providing “an indirect, elongated
route” which demonstrates that “cycle routes in Kirklees are planned to create some form
of corridor between two destinations, in this case Huddersfield and the (proposed) Bradley
Park development, but they do so by keeping active travel hidden out of view.”

Find the full submission here.