Response from Cycle Kirklees Regarding Proposed Car Parking Charges for Kirklees

Cycle Kirklees recently submitted a letter of response to proposed car parking charges throughout Kirklees, we delve into the intricacies surrounding the issue of parking charges and their potential impact on cycling in our area. While we acknowledge the necessity of fairly allocating parking space, we also advocate for the promotion of alternative modes of transport such as cycling and public transit.

Cycle Kirklees supports charges that encourage public transport and active travel, particularly in town centres where connectivity for pedestrians and cyclists is crucial. However, we highlight the scarcity of secure cycle parking facilities as a barrier to cycling for everyday activities like commuting and shopping.

Our oncerns include the potential increase in roadside parking and negative economic impact on town centres due to higher tariffs. To address these issues, Cycle Kirklees advocates for a flexible approach, suggesting measures such as free periods for short-term users and reevaluation of charges for smaller car parks.

In conclusion, while supporting the objective of parking charges, Cycle Kirklees emphasises the need for careful consideration of unintended impacts and calls for robust enforcement measures to mitigate adverse effects on communities and local economies.

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